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Mia Armstrong is a sassy eight years old that is inspiring the world with her take charge attitude. Mia was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. She does not let that little extra chromosome define her or slow her down. Mia prefers pants to dresses, french fries to green beans, a bob haircut to flowing locks and isn't afraid to say the first thing that comes to her mind, even if it borders on inappropiate.

Mia made her commercial debut in a Walgreens Red Nose Day campaign in 2017. Her unscripted answers to questions like "What does every kid need?" (friendship and bunnies) and "What would your superpower be?" (To turn him into a frog!) were so compelling that she has been invited to represent mega brands time and time again.

Mia made history in 2018 as she was the first person with Down syndrome to appear on the ABC television show The View. Appearing alongside her mother Cara and brother Jacko, the world learned that the three words that have been said most often to the Armstrong family since Mia's birth are "I'm so sorry!" Mia and her family want the world to know that they aren't sorry! Mia is changing the way that the world perceives individuals with Down syndrome. Her life matters and she was created for a purpose.

Mia proudly represents Tommy Hilfiger’s new line of adaptive clothing in both print and commercial campaigns. At her last shoot for Tommy Hilfiger in New York MIa made a fascinating proclamation "I AM FASHION!" she said unapologetically to giants in the fashion industry. During Buzzfeed’s serial episodic show "I Draw You Cook" she suggested that celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson add "poop" to his cake. In short, Mia has no filter leaving people on the edge of their seats.

Mia is an avid swimmer, aspiring gymnast and fearless rock climber. When not scaling rock walls, she keeps up on pop culture, loves to dance and to sing (albeit off key) with her whole heart and is incredibly loving and loyal to her family and friends.

Mia is in first grade at Woodranch Elementary school in Simi Valley, California where she is fully included with typical peers in a traditional classroom. She lives with her parents Jack and Cara in Southern California and has two siblings "Jacko" age 11 and Amber age 19. The Armstrong family has appeared in numerous projects alongside Mia.

Mia Armstrong

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Mia Armsrong


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Mia Armstrong


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The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow! Author unknown



Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive 2019 Spring Fashion Print Model/Principal Actor
Target Mincraft licensing Print Model
Walmart Christmas Toy Catalog Fingerlings Hugs Print Model
Amazon Christmas Toy Catalog Glitter Girls Licensing Print Model
Amazon Christmas Toy Catalog Little Critters Licensing Print Model

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Walmart Christmas National Let the good times roll Principal Actor
ABC TV The View Love makes a Mom/Mother's Day Interview
Samsung Kid Boss Principal Actor
Walgreens Kids explain Red Nose Day Principal Actor
Baby Born Kids teach their parents how to care for Principal Actor
Cheerios Pay it forward explained with cereal Principal Actor
Nifty Easter Egg Craft Principal Actor
Teleflora Love Makes a Mom Principal Actor
Walmart Armstrong famly BBQ Principal Actor
Nick Jr. 2108 Commercial Principal Actor
Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive 2018 Commercial Principal Actor


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The Armstrong family family wants the world to know that they are anything but "sorry"that God gave them a daughter with Down Syndrome. Their initial shock and sadness regarding Mia’s diagnosis was based on an inaccurate picture of what people with Down Syndrome can accomplish today. Cara shared in Teleflora’s "Love Makes a Mom" campaign that striving to have "the perfect family" was at the root of her initial shock and sadness. Mia has shown the Armstrongs and the world "A different kind of perfect" that they fully embrace and wouldn’t change.

Cara is a registered nurse, and has worked in a busy Emergency Room for twelve years. She has learned to embrace each day with gratitude, understanding that "life can change on a dime" and that "we aren’t promised tomorrow." She recently stepped away from her full time nursing role to fully embrace her family’s unique journey and to bring a product to market that has been seven years in the making. This product is patented, trademarked and is 100 percent inspired by Mia. Click on the link to learn more mybabybarista.com

Jack has been a leader in the fitness industry for 25 years. In 2014, he graduated from The Master’s University with a Masters’s degree in Biblical Counseling with an emphasis on Christian Discipleship. He was instrumental in pioneering a peer to peer counseling program at his local church. Jack hopes to utilize his degree in counseling to assist individuals and families facing a prenatal diagnosis.

Amber Lynn, their oldest daughter is a freshman at University of California Santa Barbara majoring in Political Science. She aspires to be an attorney. The Armstrongs hope that disability advocacy will be part of her career and are proud of the role model that she is to her two younger siblings.

"Jacko" is ten years old. He plays waterpolo, sings and excels at the role of superhero in Mia’s life. Their bond was beautifully captured on their appearance on ABC’s The View. While Mia caressed and kissed his cheek, Jacko declared "I don’t love just one thing about Mia, I love everything about Mia." He tried to finish by saying "God didn’t make a mistake when he placed Mia in our family" but he was cut off by applause. The Armstrongs couldn’t agree more. They continue to appear alongside Mia in her projects to shout her worth and the value of all differently abled people.

Our diversity is our strength. What a dull and pointless life it would be if everyone was the same! Angelina Jolie
I am Fashion. Mia Armstrong
In diversity there is beauty and there is strength. Maya Angelou

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